Why everyone should value their hands

Dupuytren Disease (DD) is a disease of the hands.

It was named after French Physician Baron Guillaume Dupuytren in 1831, although it was discovered much earlier than that in 1614 by Felix Plotter.

It’s defined by fibrous connective tissue within the palm of the hand, which forms lumps and cords…

Why are there queues at all the fuel stations?

Is there a fuel shortage in the UK?

HGV driver refueling a Tesco tanker lorry

Why is the UK currently experiencing long queues at fuel stations?

Two weeks ago I went to my local supermarket for my weekly shop. I was a bit miffed that there was very little choice of cleaning products, and in particular…

Life-long drinking and the scary truth

Clear pint glass full with Bitter looking down from above

My stepdad is currently residing in a Mental Health Unit diagnosed with Alcohol-Induced Psychosis.

Trevor is sixty-nine years old and has been a life-long heavy drinker — he is an alcoholic.

He was what is known as a ‘functioning alcoholic’. Even when he was drunk, he could appear ‘normal’ and…

A natural way to lower cholesterol levels and boost weight loss

Fried egg with toast on a blue plate

Recently I had some routine blood work done.

My GP telephoned to give me the results, and I was surprised when she told me that my Cholesterol levels were too high. …

Slimming World Friendly soup Packed with Fibre.

Soup displayed in a blue and white bowl with a silver spoon

I’ve recently learnt about the importance of Fibre and its relationship with Cholesterol; it’s essential to eat Fibre to counteract Cholesterol being absorbed.

Cholesterol is a type of fat called a lipid that cannot be burned off with exercise; it is absorbed into…

Slimming World Friendly Breakfast, packed with Fibre, Protein and good Carbohydrates — Filling and Nutritious.

This is the perfect Sunday morning breakfast. I say Sunday morning because it’s time consuming and can’t be rushed, but worth the wait!

This recipe is Slimming World friendly, filling and nutritious.

It is packed…

Natural healing properties of Egg-whites

What is nappy-rash?

Seeing ones baby with an angry, aggressive and painful nappy- rash (NR) is stressful and distressing, not least for the baby! And most parents have experienced it.

Many parents feel guilty when it happens, but it’s worth knowing that sometimes NR cannot…

“good words. Good thoughts. Good deeds.”

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This is what I watched last night for the third time!

My review focuses on Bohemian Rhapsody, the movie — not the accuracy of historical events.

If you weren’t a Queen fan before watching the movie, you will be by the end of…

Fascinating lesser-known facts

Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst

Emmeline Pankhurst 1858–1928 was a British political activist remembered for being a fearless trailblazer in the fight for women’s rights and equality. She was the Women’s Social Political Union (WSPU) founder, which led to a robust following of equally fearless and determined women to win the right to vote. She…

Justine Swann BSc

UK based Freelance article writer. Former NHS Midwife. specialists subject - women's health

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